The quality of Maxdivani

The quality of Maxdivani
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The quality of Maxdivani


Quality and comfort of Maxdivani root back into a 50-year experience: exclusively manufactured in Italy with the best time-resistant materials by skilful artisans who carefully finish the products.

Maxdivani offers exclusive and modern models with top quality finishing, stitching and padding options; the collection includes over 150 models and 300 different covering solutions in elegant fabrics or real leather processed in Italy.

The collection by Maxdivani includes models such as the successful Habart, and the new Live, unique and very elegant, as well as the refined and valued Eiffel featuring tailored stitching and excellent details.

The upholstery production by Maxdivani is elegant and assures the convenient ratio between resistance, quality and price.

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Tel: 031 606301


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